Whether you live in metropolitan Melbourne or regional Victoria, you can take advantage of the many services offered by Quicksand Flooring. We’re committed to helping restore the natural beauty of the timber floors in your home or workplace, offering the following services to make that happen:

Floor Sanding & Polishing

Sanding and polishing is a great way to enhance the look of your floor. It is stylish, cost-effective, and complements any style of home. Sanding and varnishing also increases the floor’s durability, enabling it to look great for years to come. Quicksand Flooring provides specialist floor sanding and renovation services to restore your floors to their natural beauty.

Staircase Sanding & Polishing

It is inevitable that staircases in residential or commercial properties will deteriorate over time. Whether they’ve suffered damage from an accident or have endured heavy foot traffic that has led to gradual wear and tear, staircases will eventually require professional renovations and repairs. Fortunately, the team at Quicksand Flooring can provide staircase renovations in Melbourne for homes and businesses alike.

Wooden Flooring Repairs

When you need wooden flooring repairs, get in touch with Quicksand Flooring. We can replace damaged, split and missing floorboards that have succumbed to termites or damp. We can also repair parquet flooring that has lifted due to water damage. In the rare case of your damaged floors being beyond repair, we can even offer you a brand new floor.

Restoration of Wooden Decks

Due to the harsh Australian environment, wooden decks require a lot of maintenance. We can restore your old wooden deck back to its former glory using specialist deck oils that will make your deck stand up to the harshest conditions.