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Why hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors are durable, long lasting and beautiful. The natural colors and patterns found in natural wood create a comfortable and inviting living environment.

Why choose a solid traditional wooden floor over pre finished?

A solid wood floor is more sound because it is fixed to your sub- floor. It can also be sanded numerous times without having to be relayed.

How long do hardwood floors last?

When properly maintained, hardwood floors can last a lifetime. The average carpet needs to be replaced every 10 to 12 years. A great tip to make your floors last longer is to apply protective adhesive strips on the bottom of all your furnishings to avoid unnecessary scratches to your floor.

Is it true that hardwood floors provide a cleaner home environment?

Absolutely. Carpeting attracts and holds many allergenic spores, dust-mites, bacteria, fungi, animal dander and other unhealthy microbes. These disturbing irritants are dispersed every time you vacuum.

How do I clean my traditional wooden floor?

The best way to maintain a solid wooden floor is to sweep with a dry mop or use quarter of a cup of white spirit vinegar in half a bucket of warm water and apply using a damp (not too wet) mop. We also offer our clients the option of purchasing a specialized wooden floor spray mop and cleaner from us. Please enquire for more information.

Do you give quotes?

Yes. We can give you a quote over the phone or we can travel to your site. If you want an instant quotation, please measure the areas you want done and we will quote you over the phone. Quotations are free.

What varnish should I have in order to get the best result on my new or existing wooden floor?

When choosing a coating for your floor you must take into consideration the traffic. You have a choice of 2 finishes. The first being a polyurethane varnish – this is a good hard wearing option but it does have a very strong smell for up to 1 week after the floors are finished. The second option is a water based varnish that has no toxic smell, this product is just as hard wearing as a polyurethane but does cost more as it is imported from Germany.

Is there much dust?

Our sanding machines collect over 95% of the dust however there will be a fine film in the sanded areas. To keep dust from penetrating other areas of your home, we recommend applying plastic to doorways using 3M blue tape and thin plastic film. The plastic and 3M blue tape is available at your local hardware or home supply store. It is also advisable to remove curtains and cover anything that is dust sensitive.

How long does the sanding/finishing process take?

It all depends on how many square meters need to be done but an average lounge, dining and passage is a three day process, but allow four in case the finish isn't dry from one day to the next, depending upon weather conditions.

How durable would my timber floor be compared to other floor coverings?

Compared to carpets, tiles and lino floor coverings that have to be replaced after a few years, a solid timber floor can last you a life time.

Can I stay in my home during the floor sanding process?

Yes, however access to the floors will be restricted because of the need for a certain amount of drying time each day. It also depends on which varnish option you go for, keep in mind that the polyurethane varnish has a very strong toxic smell.

What guarantee do I have on my floor?

Providing your floor has not been water damaged or damaged by others and you follow the recommended care and maintenance, your floors will last you a lifetime.

How long does it take for the floor to dry after each surface coat is applied?

A coat of solvent base varnish takes 8-12 hours to dry. A coat of water base varnish takes 4-6 hours to dry. However furniture can only be replaced 48 hours after the final coat of varnish is applied.

Will my floors be shiny?

You have a choice of a high gloss, semi gloss or matt finish for your floor.

Do you move furniture or appliances?

Yes, we can help to move 1 or 2 items however if the entire house needs to be packed up it is advisable to call furniture removal experts.

Can I have a timber strip floor over concrete?

Yes you can lay timber over concrete. If the concrete slab is less than five years old, we can apply a membrane between the slab and the timber so as the moisture from the slab doesn't damage the timber.

Can I have a timber floor anywhere?

A timber floor can be installed in all areas however we try to avoid installing timber floors in wet areas for obvious reasons.

Do you restore wooden staircases?

Yes we do, please see this link for more information http://www.quicksandflooring.com.au/staircase-repairs/